Your #1 Graphic and Web Designer & Developer in Brunswick and Greater Melbourne!

I value working closely with clients developing designs in order to visualise their business goals focusing on quality and integrity. Ranging from bespoke concepts to accentuate individualism, to clean concise corporate design in any variety of mediums; from Digital to Physical Print media.

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In order to create the best output for a business, I will consult with my clients to get an idea of their end goal, and how I can help get them there.

Brand Design

Starting from the ground up I work alongside with my clients to ensure from consultation to the end, that the brand is exactly what they are looking for.

Web Development

With similair ideals to brand design, I create each website like it's a piece of art. While also bringing in existing and new industry tricks and techniques to boost your online visibility.

IT Support

While also a graphic designer, I also have skills in technical support to diagnose and recommend a fix/solution, along with recommendations for new system builds.

Who Am I?

Matthew Covelli Portrait

My name is Matthew Covelli, and for as long as I can remember I always had a knack for anything that involved creativity, be it films, games, music, or design. My love and dedication for what I do came from the teachings of my parents who enstilled the value of hardwork and determination for customer satisfaction. Along with my drive for the creative and to make something that would make people go "Wow, thats different, and amazing."

Find Out More About Me
Matthew Covelli Portrait

My Portfolio

Over my 10+ years of experience I have worked with many clients both freelance, and full time/part time. In my portfolio is a small selection of some of those works I have done over the years, and a bit about the project outline and clients needs/problems that were faced and corrected.

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