My Philosophy

My Philosophy on web design development and graphic design

"...Web Design, Branding, and Marketing material creation, is seen as art..."

For a business to stand out from the rest, a solid and recognisable branding is necessary. In my philosophy Web Design, Branding, and Marketing Material creation is seen as art, and as such takes careful planning and time to implement perfectly.

If you have a design that has time and effort throughout its creation, it will in turn create a perception of a professional and appealing business to the public's eye.

Something that is quickly whipped together and is done at a questionable quality, will evoke the same perception of your business to the general public, and thus will tarnish your brand, whether intentional or otherwise.

This doesnt neccessarily mean that my way of working takes times, but it is a philosophy I beleive in.

My Work Ethic

A little insight into how I go about working for you

"A website should be seen as an extension of your physical business in the digital world..."

Although art in general does take varying levels of time, my work ethic has some strict guidelines when it comes to designing/developing. When designing a brand I usually try to limit the time taken from consultation to final output to be as short as possible without sacrificing quality.

Web design and development takes more time, but is absolutely neccessary to ensure the best looking, effective, efficient, and fast loading (also responsive) website possible. A website should be seen as an extension of your physical business in the digital world or if you are purely online based, it is your front facing business.

While also implementing emerging industry ideas to boost customer input such as landing pages, popup advertisements, and more.

I also make it a point to create basic internal SEO for most if not all pages on the website to at least give the website a proper chance on google to be properly crawled and displayed.